First Act Book 3 - Audio

1.ii The Study Tour (track 2)
1.iii The new head (track 3)
1.iv You do like him, dont you (track 4)
1.v Weve lost our hotel (track 5)
1.vi Who do we want (track 6)
2.i We must get rid of him (track 7)
2.ii We need some money (track 8)
2.iii Talent Contest (track 9)
3.i Theres something wrong (track 10)
3.ii Locked out of the house (track 11)
3.iii We must get them out (track 12)
4.i Siege (track 13)
4.ii Dont jump (track 14)
4.iii I dare you (track 15)
5.i Its different where we come from (track 16)
5.ii Its our turn now (track 17)
5.iii In my day... (track 18)
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